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Slow download speed


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Hi All,

Any problem with bitcomet download rate slower than previously? Is it because of the breaking news?

The download rate can only reach to 35Kbps even though the listen port is green. Previously my download rate can reach to 100kbs.

Any reason to this slow rate.

Please help.

Many thanks.


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Hello there Peer

Ok well you say your lights are Green, So you do have BitCoemt forwarded then i see.

So it can also depend on what your downing & how many seeds are upping the file or files back up on-to the NET as you may well Understand.

then it also can depend on the Servers, ie: weather or not it's over loaded & there are a lot of people connecting to them also. If there being heavily used at the time your, If your Connecting Via a server.

It can also be a something on your End (user end) have you updated all your Driver of late ?

Network adapter Driver ? or if you are doing browsing, I have Noticed sometimes that if am downing a file Via BitComet & it's downing @ something like 400Kbs Then i have a few tabs open, (youtube,pornhub) etc then my Down speed will drop some.

ok so things to try resolve this problem ----

1 + Update your Network adapter Driver, doing this Via Windows update is not the best way ok. try going to the Manufacturer website is the best way.

& see if there updates on there sites ok.

2 + Your tracker list i always find it's best to add trackers.

I have a PASTEBIN Website Profile & have a list of trackers on there, Here is the link & take what trackers you need & try adding them. Also Backup the Tracker list you have in the Torrent your downloading at the time ok.

Anyway i hope i have been of some help & wish your all the best.


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Actually adding trackers to a torrent isn't recommended. If a torrent isn't registered with that tracker, then it's only going to annoy the tracker admin as your client constantly tries to report on an unregistered torrent. Many tracker administrators will ban an IP if they continue to do this, so you really could be harming yourself.

However if you want to add a public "open tracker", it will accept any torrent, but there usually is no advantage in having more then one working tracker.

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Hi Gary and Eagle,

Thanks for all your assistance. The seeder and the peers for the movie I have downloaded, some of it have 6K to 7K seeder and peers 3K. Also got one movie have more than 10K seeder.

Furthermore, there is no update for my network adapter.

Is there any other possible reason behind this slow rate.

Appreciate if you have another ways to overcome this.

Thanks again for the tips and hints.



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