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Bitcomet download speed optimizing


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I tried to do this once myself using Azureus and Azbot guides

It just made my downloads slower!!!! AND who would know their

site's capalities better! Here is the requested info you ask for before I post

Bitcomet version1.29 ps dxdiag in attach.

Cox Cable Provided WiFi 70% strength and link full 54Mbs wep

password protected

While I don't have access to the apt complex router I do have port forwarding enabled and light on indicator is green (your statics

confirm that) listen port opened

I use Window Firewall XP Pro sp3 and put my IEEE 802.11,your

web site and my pc games on the excemption list

I use no A-v unless I get a virus I can,t fix say in registry

or system restore even then I find OS restoration preferable

Here's a little known hint, the best deterant to infection is pure speed, get in and get out of site as fast as possible thus out

racing the hackers software. This requires fast downloads...I once

configured a 802.11g to download @ 150 Mbs

Speedtest results in Kilo BYTEs

After four tests Down UP

557. 313.

300. 124.

246. 305.

323. 105.

Maybe its the nature of WiFi to have such varied results

I can tell you when it comes to Bit comet my average

upload speed LATELY is 18. to 22. Kbs but at time it has even risen higher than DL speed (aver.400.Kbs) My email address

ricofogg@yahoo.com if anyone would like to reply outside of forum

(I never check the forumS @ reg. intervals) Please give me

suggested #s' for the max up rate ,global limits , task limits,ect.

Port forw. already OK Listen Port config. correctly

Thank You

There are two related questions if you know the answer

A. Is any download acellerator progs (i.e. DAP93 or IDM )

compatible w/ BitComet?

B Do you have written instructions on how to donate /upload

Full games and software to this site....you folks are awesome

time to start giving back.

Again reply preferably to my yahoo inbox. I can give much advice as to WiFI anntennas, speed , configuration

Thanks Again


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It's hard to say how much you really can upload because the test results vary so widely. The reason is simple, you don't control the router so others are probably using it while your doing the test, so your best way to get a sample is to run a really hungry torrent and watch your upload. If it peaks at 400kB/s, then that's your maximum and you want to set your global max upload to 80%.

However, since others have to use this connection too, you might want to restrict your upload to a lower amount so you don't hog all the bandwidth. Capping your download speed would be a good idea for the same reason.

ps. We don't offer email support, and it's really unwise to post your email address in a public forum, there are bots that look for such addresses, so I hope you enjoy spam.

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Hi my name is Anthony Cagnoni..user name..Cagnoni iv bin a member wit BitComet for a few years now & have had a good standing acct with them..In the last month i have stared to use a internet data stick to go on line and get onto BitComet. i have tried all i can to change the yellow light to green with no luck iv read all post and blogs and just cant get it aim over looking something this is the first time having this prob..why a data stick you ask cause i am working way out in the bush this was the only way to get internet..my home PC works good no prob but out here i use a laptop & data stick..the stick is the E366 by wind mobile..i can send alot more info at your request. can you help or please guide me to some one that can Ty for taking the time to read this.

Anthony Cagnoni

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Anthony, you don't have a real internet connection when you're using a mobile broadband service. You can establish outgoing connections, but your blocked from anyone establishing a connection to you. Basically you only have half an internet connection. Currently I know of no mobile broadband providers that offer full internet access, so unless you can get a better service, you're not going to get good results using bitcomet or any other form of p2p file sharing.

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