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I'm having an issue trying to download from PIRATEBAY via Magnet link.

Each time I click on a Magnet Link it trys to send it to my DC++ Application not to BitComet.

If I rightclick and choose download with Bit comet I receive a script error details below

Line 16

Char 3

Error Permission denied

Code 0

URL res://c:\program files\bitcomet\bitcomet.exe/AddLink.htm

Can someone please advise me what I need to do. I have Bit comet 1.07 and there is no preferences tab

Thanks heaps

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Probl'y could if we knew what OS you were using. That's one of those things mentioned as important to include, in that topic titled, "PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING", which you should have read before posting.

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Go into BitComet-->Options and make sure that BC is set as the default handler of Magnet Links.

Possibly you'll need to also go into the Options page of your DC++ client and make sure it's not set as the default handler of Magnet Links, so it doesn't hijack your association again.

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