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Prioritization of Torrent Uploads?

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Hello everyone,

I'm posting because I am a torrent user who has been using another client and well that site forum is at most kind of helpful and at least really unhelpful possibly even mean. I have used bit comet when it first came out (sometime in 1994 is when I started using it). Ah those were the days of music sharing, so much has changed. Well fast forward and I am back to torrents, and even though a lot has changed, a lot has stayed the same. I am trying to do my part and seed the stuff I have, but there are some things I want to be able to do to support those torrents that are "rare".

I have a limited upload rate and I want to give priority to certain torrents that are "rare" so that if someone wants then I will be able to upload those using a higher rate than some of the more popular torrents.

Is there an easy way to do this? Can I give torrents that I have a priority for what I am uploading? I know that you can do this for downloading but it is more of an order than setting individual download speeds automatically.

Any advice would be great and if it is specific for bit comet, then I will be switching back.



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Not that it's important, but your dates are off by quite a bit. Bram Cohen first released bittorrent protocol in 2001, and development of bitcomet (simple BT was it's name back then) begun about 2 years later.

You can accomplish your objective by using maximum upload rates for each torrent, giving the rare ones a higher limit.

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