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DHT and magnet links

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Hi everyone,

Impossible to download some magnet link...

I have bitcomet 1.2.9 on a vista machine

I have qbittorent 2.8.4 on a ubuntu 11.10 machine

Everything's fine since the lights are all green (ports tcp & udp open in router, connection online, etc.) and I can download any other torrent, but no magnet link...

It seems the DHT doesnt work with magnet link on both machine...

I have read here in this forum http://qbforums.shiki.hu/index.php?topic=357.msg1482#msg1482 this is because of the DNS and try to use google public dns as explained here :


but didnt work anyway (try it on linux only)...

if anybody has a solution...

many thx smiley.gif

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Impossible to download some magnet link...
Give us more details than that. How is it impossible?

It's unlikely a dns problem since you can reach this site.

Right click the download link on the index site and select copy link location, then go to BitComet and select open url(it has a red magnet icon) then paste the link there.

If you have BitComet running a task start dialog should pop-up automatically.

Come back with the results.

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That was pretty lame advice from that forum. Of all the things that might cause this, a DNS issue from that particular DNS server, but not from anybody else, is the least likely circumstance. Just about all DNS servers get their other-site information the same way and from the same sources.

DHT operates entirely independently of, and orthogonally to, and AFTER a magnet link has done its job.

The magnet link is used to get you the torrent file.

Now that you've got the torrent file, the tracker and/or DHT are used to find peers.

The tracker and/or DHT don't know or care how you got the torrent file: whether by direct download or via a magnet link.

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thx for your responses !

I found smth for the qbittorrent ubuntu machine :

in the options, I enabled "use a different port for DHT and bittorrent"

and I assigned the same port, eg. 6885

restart the client and it worked well...

I didnt check on the bittorrent vista machine... but will try...

and keep you informed...

if it's a dns problem, i can't understand how a dns server can assign a wrong adress of one of the most popular torrent server ?

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I have used bc for years and have nothing but good things to say about it till now.I have 13 meg cable hook up and i was downloading at awesome speeds till this ver or was it the last but any way when on the p-bay all i had to do was hit the two little green arrows and download at up to 3000 kb and now its magnet links the most i get is 400 and this just sux might as well go back to dsl

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You should certainly know by now that the client has no impact on the speed of your download. You ought to know that this is completely dependent on the composition of the swarm of people interested in any given torrent, and that there is nothing you, your client or anyone else, can do about that.

If you think that it's the latest version of BC that is to blame, then downgrade to a known-working version. This is how you properly manage all freeware. You always keep a good working version at hand. You treat every new release as broken till proven working, and you don't rely on the new version until it is proven on your system. Always have a fallback version.

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