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Computer Crash While Downloading

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For some reason my computer has been crashing at random points while downloading with BitCommet.

Untill now I've only been finding this out when I check my computer in the morning and see the crash note. I actually had it happen while I was still at my computer, and it's actually blue screening me.

I'm running Windows 7 64bit if that helps.

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You could try to disable in Windows, temporarily, the setting which tells Windows to automatically reboot upon critical system errors.

That way you should be able to see the blue screen indefinitely.

I'm not sure where that setting is now in Win 7, as my laptop is still using the good ol' Win XP, but in XP it is on the Advanced page of System Properties in the Startup and Recovery section.

However, to my knowledge, the messages on the BSOD are usually intelligible only to MS programmers. If you're lucky it might mention an application name, but don't hold your hopes very high, just yet.

You might want to try checking the system logs for errors; I imagine a system crash might be logged in there and perhaps the name of the app may be trapped inside as well.

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