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Save password is not working in CometBird 11.0 and Windows 7

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Hi Everyone,

I have installed the CometBird 11.0 in the Windows 7(64 Bit). I am able to see the save password icon in the address bar but when i try to click it its not at all showing the popup to save the password. And the same is applicable for the https certificate information. Is it a OS problem or the browser problem. I am sure that it's not the OS problem as the Firefox 11 and 12 are working fine without an issue. I am using the CometBird from 3.x till now i didn't face a issue.

Could anyone please help me to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


Balamurugan P


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All I can suggest is try clearing any passwords saved on that domain already, then see if it prompts you to save one when you log in. As far as cometbird vs firefox, they work the same way, this part of the browser is identical, using the same source code. If it works in one but not in another, then it's either your settings, or the passwords currently stored that are making them behave differently. Determining which shouldn't be difficult.

I'm sorry I can't be more help, but I don't use this version of cometbird and have completely given up on firefox which had been my default browser for many years.

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The saved password list is empty and till now i didn't save any password for the domain. Empty list may be the issue. Let me try to install the lower version, save some of the domains password and upgrade to the latest.

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