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Dropping a quick hello to everyone here. Am new to this stuff and am a little uncertain about how all this works so may have some questions along the way, such as: I've seen alot of downloads that require changing/editing dll files - this concerns me greatly being new. How do I do this? Is it safe? Will it kill my computer - I guess not if you guys are doing it, but this is completely alien to me and I dont know where to start!

Suggestions? Idiots guide? :-)

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You don't have to change any .dll files to download anything. BitComet is software used to download files, if you're downloading something that wants you to do something risky, then that's between you and the person who provided the files. Usually such things are illegally hacked software products, but to ask here would be like asking about smuggling cargo at a truck dealership, assuming everyone who drives trucks uses them to smuggle cargo.

If you or anyone else wants to download illegal software, that's upto you, but we will not allow even discussion of such topics here. BitComet's job is to get the files you request onto your computer, what you get and what you do with them has nothing at all to do with us.

If you need help using bitcomet you can ask here, if you need help using something you downloaded, you may discuss it here only in the non-bitcomet sections and only if it doesn't relate to anything that violates copyright laws.

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