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50+% download Progress suddenly got back to 1%

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I was downloading a game from thepiratebay.com, the game is "Alan Wake" the file's name is Alan.Wake.SKIDROW [RuTor.Org] the size of this is 7.45GB...

I'm using BitConet 1.29, in a windows 7 64bit OS..

the problem is I have been downloading this for almost 2 days because my net is kind of slow (DSL) and i am at 50 or something percent, and then when i continue my download later this day i have founded out that my progress got back to 0.2%. But the "time elapsed" shows that i have been downloading it for 2days 6:38:22 exactly and my download size is 4.51gb... been trying to check the hash because i thought that i just need to check it, nothing happened. I tried continuing the download to check if it is just a glitch or something now it is at 1.5% and stopped it for i need guidance..

I definitely don't want to start over again because of the 2 days being spent on this file...=/

and sorry if I have my grammar wrong xD.

An answer from anyone is highly appreciated =)

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The type of torrent you're downloading often contains things that are detected (rightly or wrongly) as a threat by antivirus and since the torrent is packed into one extremely large file, the anti virus moves/quarentines/deletes the entire file as soon as part of it is downloaded that it objects to.

If this is the case, it will continue to do this everytime you download those parts and your progress will revert to zero. The only way around this is to either not download risky things, or adjust your anti virus so it doesn't scan that folder.

To recover you can probably use the programs restore options, then rehash the torrent and continue.

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