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everything has vanished!!!

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Hi i turned on my laptop today to find that everthing in my bit comet has vanished. Everthing-completed files pending files and torrents that were downloading fine last night. I have very limited ability with computers and i have tried looking at the FAQ but i cant find anything that applies to this situation. I had a h*** of alot of stuff completed and would really like to get it back. Ive gone on my "local disk/ computer" and all the names of the torrents are there but they dont seem to contain anything. How can everthing have just left bit comet over night and where did it go? I would really appreciate any advise. Many thanks.

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sometimes computers works in a mysterious way, and as you didn't give enough information no one can help you to solve the problem, but in a simple way you can try several things. first try to set your system to an earlier date by using system restore points depending on what system you are using, for example if you are using windows go to Start-All programs-Accessories-system tools-system restore and follow the guide choosing a restore point for at least one day earlier to the problem that occurred. Now check your files location and see if all the files has been restored.

If this solution did'nt work, post again giving full information about your computer and what and how exactly this problem occurred.

For your information Bitcomet is not the reason for what happened it must be something went wrong in your system, maybe during downloading or uninstalling a program or maybe because of a virus attack or a hardwere failure.

The bottom line, in the future try to backup your important files and documents in another location or hard disk (external one is preferred)

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