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Prevent magnet-link torren from stealing focus

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When a task has been selected via right-click for an operation with that menu (such as "Delete task"), another task which was started with a magnet link can steal focus from the selected task. Apparently, when that second task finally downloads a .torrent file, it steals focus from whatever task that had it -- for no particular reason that I can discern.

As a result of that, the operation (such as "Delete") is performed upon the wrong task. The wrong task is deleted, and the task the user wanted to delete remains. The user may not realize this has happened until considerably later.

Tasks which are started via magnet-links should not take focus from other tasks, particularly when a left-click menu operation may be imminent.

This defect can be extremely difficult to work around, requiring the user to locate and download the proper torrent again, start it off again, make sure it has started fully and isn't going to steal focus again -- then go and delete the task that he intended to delete in the first place.

This defect has happened to me multiple times in the past few weeks as the use of magnet links becomes more prevalent. I feel like I have to watch BC like a hawk, lest it misbehave on me with magnet links. (including omitting the extension of the filename.)

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