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Torrents killing my internet

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I am having a connection of like 10-20 MB/s and with the same I can download at atleast 500 kb/s to 2.5Mb/s

After a few days of getting tremendous speed, I noticed something. everytime I start my torrent client( bit comet and Utorrent) , the Wifi stops working in a different way. The connection is never effected by it , always shows that I can have the internet access , but I cant surf the internet anymore nor the download works. I am elaborating the problem down, point wise.

1) internet working.

2) Starts torrent client and downloading.

3) Downloading with a great speed.

4)suddenly downloading shows 0kb/s upload and 0kb/s download.

5) checks network connections, which is still working fine, but can neither download nor surf a website.

6) Have to off and on the connection again.

7) This keeps on going every 5 minutes.

I hope I tried the best way to explain the problem. I surfed internet for solutions and found that I must set the global maximum connections to 100 /lower (0 by default) and connections per task to 20(default 0). After setting it, everything works but the download speed cant even pass 50kb/s. .

So my question is that I need a solutio for , by which I can surf internet and download stuffs too but at a descent speed. I want to know what shall I set the global max connections and connections per task (let us take the my internet plan is 8Mb/s to be at the safe side)


Bit comet 1.32 x64 bit

windows 7 ultimate.

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ok so now even setting to lower values isnt working anymore

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Have you done any adjustments of your bandwidth usage too, or just number of connections?

You might simply have maxed out your bandwidth, or it's also possible that your router is unable to handle all the connections... or perhaps both. Since limiting the connections helped at least a little, that tells me you have an issue with your router, but you should adjust your global max settings to not use more then 80% of your actual measured bandwidth.

Also try to be correct when communicating units of measurement, When you get them wrong it makes it difficult to help you, for example...

I am having a connection of like 10-20 MB/s

Besides the obvious grammar problems, you're reporting an internet connection of 10-20 megaBytes per second. That means your connection is 80-160 megabits per second and I've never seen any residential connections that offer speeds that fast, but 10-20 mb/s isn't uncommon. You then state...

I can download at atleast 500 kb/s to 2.5Mb/s

If we are to believe this is accurate, then why did you take the readings in bitcomet which are in mB/s and convert them to mb/s? It looks to me like you've got both your readings reversed.

For us to make any sense of this, start over after reading the "READ THIS before posting" topic, then reply with your speed test results as well as the settings you're using in bitcomet, and make sure to properly use b (bits) and B (Bytes) units properly.

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I am sorry that I forgot to tell that all above are Bytes .

my speed results :-


And my download speed is atleast 300 kBs (KiloBytes) to around 2.5MBs (MegaBytes)

And my settings for bitcomet currently are :-


Max connections is set 120 and Max connections per task is 30. Both are set by me. It was first 0 in both the sections.(0 = auto/unlimited)

For now I am having like 500KBs download speedwith only one task active. Please tell what to modify to get my stable downloading speed back.

the worst thing is that my router ip is 124.XXX.XXX.XXX and my internal ip is 172.XXX.XXX.XXX

Both are of different networks and due to this , I cant do port forwarding tooo which is supposed to be performed on router Ip.

Please Help

Thanks a lot :)


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Your computer should have a local (lan) IP address, this is normal. You're connected to the internet through your router, so all connections incoming go to your router, it has to be told where to redirect them to, which is the reason for portforwarding. This is only done automatically if you have uPnP enabled in your router and in bitcomet, and no firewalls or security software is stopping it. uPnP is nice when it works, but when it doesn't if usually ends up being more trouble then it's worth. On a scale of 1-10, regarding dificulty, setting up portforward is a 1 and fixing a uPnP to work properly is a 10... and without being there in person I'd have no chance at diagnosing why one isn't working, so the easiest solution is to setup portforwarding.

Your speedtest results are in bits, not Bytes, so we'll need to do some math. Your max tested upload speed is 6.46mb/s or 6460kb/s. When converted to Bytes that would equal about 807kB/s. That is the maximum you can upload, so we'll need to set your global max upload speed to about 80%, or about 646kB/s. You might want to try a bit lower to begin with, I'd start with 600kB/s and see how it performs. The idea is you want to upload as much as possible, but keep enough bandwidth in reserve so you can reply to requests quickly. If your packets get queued by your router it may overload when it runs out of memory. Hopefully this limit will put less pressure on the router.

If this helps, you can then increase your max number of connections until you find a limit that your router can handle without complaining or resetting. Your tested download speed is much higher so I doubt we'll need to set a limit on it, but if necessary you can try a limit of about 2000kB/s for downloads.

Hopefully this will improve things for you.

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Its ok if port forward is not working, iff I can still download, The upload limit can be set at 600kb/s in my case right? If I can set a reading lesser than it like 400 or so then it will still be working ?

And then what to increase first? Max connections 120 OR Max connections per task OR both at must have there values incremented?

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One more thing i want to know, I never had any problem like this before, but suddenly such problems occured. What could be the possible reason for such bandwidth problems?

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The lower you set your limit, the less you can upload, which means you'll download less. The idea is to upload as much as possible, but not so much that you consume all your bandwidth. Reducing from 600 to 400 would cause an equal reduction in your download.

As for the connection limits, I don't even know if it was necessary to make that change. You're going to have to experiment to see what works best for you. You might also want to check if your router has a firmware update available, this might allow it to handle large number of connections more efficiently.

If this problem suddenly appeared, then something changed with your system, your lan, or your internet provider. We have no way of knowing what has changed.

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