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VIP is useless, please stop selling it


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How embarassing. I bought VIP Acceleration, found it didn't work, looked for help, and immediately discovered the truth.

I should have researched better before PayPaling the money and I usually do ... but hey, I trusted this company. Let's see if they make good on the refund.

No one wants to see Bitcomet succeed more than I do ... i've been a loyal user for years and donated money in the early stages .. but the company should stop selling this "VIP acceleration" idea, which seems to be a well-intentioned-but-failed idea that has degenerated into a scam where money is taken under false pretenses.

This will not only ruin goodwill toward Bitcomet (and impair its ability to market good products in future), but also attract unwanted attention from law enforcement agencies. It does not matter if the company is offering refunds or not.

Even if the claims found here that VIP works for some people are true (pretty doubtful after reading the comments), obviously it is gravely flawed and there has been no development for a long time.

It is great to ask for donations for beta works, but if you do, you have a responsibility to post regular development updates demonstrating progress or lack thereof. This is true even if it isn't open source.

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I suggest you contact bitcomt directly about this. We are a community support forum and we don't make decisions regarding such things.

On a personal note, I too agree that if it doesn't work it should be removed, at least temporarily, but I'd hate to see them give up on the project, it has such great potential.

ps. if you have any problem getting a refund let me know, or better yet, contact our development rep who is currently Queeniequ

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