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Ok, I'm guessing that "skun" is the past-tense of "skin" in the Alabama southern dialect... ex. "how many of dem dare varmints have Y'all skun today?" The only problem is that form of the root word "skin" is a verb, and the "skin" used an a computer program is a noun, and nouns can't have a past tense.

Sorry, I couldn't resist :P and this was intended to be humorous, I'm not insulting the southern dialects or the states, I think they are one of our countries greatest cultural diversities and something we should treasure, it's just a shame that modern communications have merged all the dialects together and pretty soon they will all be gone.

To answer your question, for a person to be able to make a skin, it usually requires a program that is open-source, which TigerPlayer nor MPCstar are, so it's doubtful that such a feature will be added but you can request it.I think it would be nice if users could create and submit custom skins, but it may not be possible.You could contact the owners of TigerPlayer directly and get permission to develop it yourself. There were instructions for contacting them on their website the last time I looked.

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