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Bitcomet at 30% on a i5 2500K


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Hello, I've got an i5 2500K and often I use Bitcomet as torrent client.

The last version though shows a strange problem: the usage of the cpu rises to 30% with more than 10 simultaneous downloads, that is a hugeness if one considers the computing power of the cpu and the kind of work that it executes.

Furthermore, when this happens, if I want quit the program, apparently it stops regularly, but the occupation of the cpu remains stable on 30% and I notice that in the schedule of the processes the voice bitcomet remains active and it has to be deactivated manually.

I found this bug also in the 1.32 version.

Is there any solution?

Thanks. ^_^

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What??? What's "the voice bitcomet"?

Ahah, sorry for the italianism :P , I let it out by mistake.

I meant the entry "bitcomet" in the processes schedule. That is I quit the program but actually it is still active in some way. So I have to terminate it by myself, otherwise it goes on sucking cpu resources at the same rate although the program is officially closed.

Maybe now I could explain myself.

I teached english language in Italy too, and that's saying something! :D

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There is no solution that we're aware of.

Maybe Queenie can give you some more up-to-date info from the team.

This doesn't occur for many users therefore is kinda hard to reproduce.

I'm not sure how easy will be for the team to debug this if they can't make it happen for them, but I guess they'll do their best.

If there'll be a fix it will most probably be materialized into the next version.

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This sure sounds like the task isn't actually being stopped. It's possible to misunderstand some of the settings, to achieve this effect.

Take a look at Options -> Appearance -> Actions

Notice that you have a settable choice about what the CLOSE and MINIMIZE buttons do. If you have CLOSE set to "Minimize to tray", and don't realize that, you can click the CLOSE button and think you are terminating the application, when you are really just sending it to the system tray. It will continue to run from there, and will show up in Process Explorer or Task Manager.

I suspect this is what may have happened, tails1.

Take a look at some of the other options, you may find choices that you want.

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Thanks for the advice but I've always stopped the program with the button "(|) exit", so I don't think I minimized it without realizing that.

Instead I think I found the cause: there were some torrents that messed up the normal execution of the program.

After I removed them it never happened again (and I set up to 40 simultaneous torrents). And before I loaded them Bitcomet run always perfectly too.

It's very strange but I don't have any other explanation that could fit. :wacko:

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Yep, that occasionally happened to me in the past too.

It seemed pretty random and quite rare (at least for me) and I never could reproduce it in a consistent manner.

Some other users have sporadically reported this a couple of times during the past years.

After closing BC, the systray icon turns gray for a while then it disappears (as in a normal exit situation) but then when you check your Task Manager the bitcomet.exe process is still running.

I'm not even sure that there's the same cause that triggers this issue every time.

Since it's not reproducible in a consistent manner it's rather hard to nail this sucker. And if you can't make it happen you obviously can't debug it very easily.

Let's hope that either the devs catch it at some point or one of us manages to figure out the exact conditions that make it happen.

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