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Issue with MPCStar all of a sudden


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My MPCStar just started having a problem when I try and expand the video player to the full window (ALT/Enter). With most videos eg .avi, mp4 etc it is fine, but as of today nearly all .flv files (but not all) won't expand to the entire window without the bottom looking out of wack (like a totally different picture - sort of like the picture is frozen). If I leave it playing that bit disappears but then you see a gap at the bottom and see desktop. It is very annoying/distracting. If I start another file, for example an .avi and expand the player to full screen and then skip to next .flv file, it is fine; as long as I don't minimise or make the video player smaller because as soon and I try and expand the screen again it has the same issue.

It isn't doing it with all .flv files but today I downloaded some tv shows from Novamov (never had a problem before today) and every single one of them has this issue but a .flv file from nowvideo.eu plays fine.

I tried converting a .flv video from Novamov to .avi and it expanded properly afterwards... I even tried viewing a Novamov file I downloaded a few days ago that had NO issue when I played it but now it has a problem.

Does anyone know why it is doing this? I just don't understand what is happening or why it has began doing it today. Any ideas?? Should I uninstall and then re-install and see if it helps??

I have the most current version of MPCStar - 5.4.

I tried to attach a print screen but no matter what I tried I got an error.

Thank you,


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Bonnie, have you installed any other player or player plugin recently? Please try to override your installation. Besides, please provide us some .flv files which went wrong with our player.

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Thank you for your prompt reply.

I do have RealPlayer on my computer also so I am removing that {as I type this} and will see if maybe that will help.

I uninstalled and re-installed MPCStar yesterday and that didn't help. Today, now all .flv videos have the same issue. Not just ones downloaded from Novamov. Ones that worked fine yesterday are causing problems today.

FANTASTIC NEWS: After removing RealPlayer from my computer all the files from today and yesterday that were causing issues are working normal again.

I had had RealPlayer on my computer for quite a while without any issues, I am not sure why all of a sudden it started causing issues. Maybe there was some problem with a plug in or codec during an update???

Thank you so much.


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There's this growing tendency for things like RealPlayer to automatically update themselves, without your knowledge or consent. Sometimes that can break things.

I use a tool called "Autoruns" to frequently check what is set to automatically start on my computer, and make sure that I want it started. Java updater, no thanks. Adobe updater, no thanks. There's usually a lot of junk that does things like this, takes resources, hurts performance. Good tool.

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  • 2 months later...

A further update:

I removed Real Player and ever since I have not had any issues with it happening until this afternoon :(. It was working fine and then half way through a .flv movie it started doing its thing where the full screen view is missing about an inch from the bottom of the screen.

Any idea what other programs could have this affect on MPCStar?

Could a Windows Update have this affect? or would it more likely be Adobe Flash Player Plug in? As far as I am aware, those are the only two things that have updated recently and even that was a day or two ago. I think I need to try that 'Autoruns' software thing.

How would I work out what it is and how would I fix it without removing the offending software. What wording am I looking for under Options or Preferances to stop 'whatever software is doing this' from trying to override my MPCStar??

Do I really need all these Adobe updates? or if I turned them off, would that be bad??

edit: I just removed my adobe updates and rebooted and it didn't solve the issue. Just had to reinstall.

Help ;) !

Thanks a bunch,


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