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How to tell if I am seeding and listen tcp port blocked

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Hello All:

I am new to bitcomet and have a few of questions.

How can I tell if I am seeding downloaded bit torrent files. When I look in the task list I see that no bytes are being uploaded and I was wondering whether or not I am seeding the files that I have downloaded. I leave bitcomet running all the time. Please advise me how to tell if I am seeding files or not.

Another issue I have is that when I look at the summary of files that I have downloaded, I see that the listen port for tcp is blocked by a firewall/router and the udp port is opened in the firewall/router and they are both using the same listening port. Is the proper or should both ports be opened?

Lastly, when I select one of the torrent sites on the list, sometimes it will go to the site and sometimes the site will not open and I get a error message saying that atacomet cannot be opened. How can I fix this problem?

Thank for any and all responses to these questions.

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It's best if your port is open to both protocols, TCP and UDP, but it's most important that it be open to TCP.

IF your listen port is not open (on TCP), then nobody can initiate a connection with you. You can call out, but nobody can call in. Some sites call this being "connectable". This will also greatly interfere with your seeding and with maintaining a proper ratio, as you are experiencing. When you are actually seeding, you will have peers downloading from you and can see this in your client, under the PEERS tab.

If your listen port shows that it is not open, this means you have a firewall blocking the port. It may be a software firewall, which must be configured. It may be a firmware firewall if you are connected through a router, and it may be an external firewall imposed on you by your ISP or connection. It can be more than one.

ATComet has been having issues. I recommend that you forget the list and use your regular web browser to do all of your torrent-finding, bookmarking your favorite sites as you find them. Most people don't use the built-in browser at all, because it's an ancient version of Internet Explorer.

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I am connected to a cisco 871w router and my internet provider is Time Warner cable. I have a static ip address, in fact I have 5 of them. It looks like the program is accessing my static ip address. Is there a way to open the port in the router? I am not sure whether or not Time Warner is blocking the port however, I don't believe that they are. I have setup a rule to allow the port to be opened but after doing that and restarting Bitcomet it says the port is still blocked.

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I have a static ip address, in fact I have 5 of them.

You just about certainly do not. If you did, you would not need a router.

You have probably misunderstood your situation and should investigate carefully to determine what the truth is. If you persist in a misunderstanding of it, that will interfere greatly with trying to resolve any issue you have -- the well-known "full teacup" problem.

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