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Suspend Active Tasks...Then Restarts By Itself

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So I'm going along and everything is fine.

Downloads progressing nicely.

I decide that I want to surf the net for a while.

PeerBlock interferes with this so I right-click BitComet 1.31 in the tray.

Suspend all active tasks.

I then disable PeerBlock.

Start surfing...email, NY Times, Drudge, etc.

I occasionally hover my mouse over the BitComet Icon to ensure it's STILL suspended.

After an hour or so I check and find that I'm uploading 265 kbps.


PeerBlock is OFF !

I'm completely naked, unprotected.

I open the app.

Everything is still grey...nothing LOOKS active.

So, what's getting uploaded ???

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First thing is you don't need to disable peerblock in order to browse, if you have problems browsing with peerblock it's because you're not using it properly, either you have block lists that shouldn't be blocked, or you have enabled blocking http traffic which is unwise.

Second issue is Long-Term seeding, it's one of the best features bitcomet has developed and it makes use of unused bandwidth to share your files outside of the bittorrent network and in turn allows you to download much faster by making the resources available to you when downloading, in many cases making it possible to download even unseeded tasks and in turn share them with the bittorrent peers. This has all been well documented both in our forum and bitcomet documentation, but if you don't want to use LTseed, it can easily be disabled, although would be unwise to do so.

In addition, don't assume peerblock is going to protect you, it will only block you from "known" hostile IP addresses and even then it only can prevent actual sharing of data, it cannot prevent the bittorrent tracker form distributing your IP address as a potential peer, and it can also block connections to cometID that are used to enhance your downloads if not configured properly. I'm not saying you shouldn't use PB, but don't assume it will protect you from connections with all hostile peers. When used properly it can be a good tool, but there should be no need to turn it on and off.

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Thank you for a very helpful explanation of what I'm seeing. :)

I'll re-examine my PeerBlock settings.

As to security, can you suggest a better alternative ?

I see references to Virtual Private Networks (VPN), but there is SO much info that it's daunting.

I DID secure a new MEGA membership but I haven't discerned it's usefulness to file SHARING, just storage.

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You could rent a seedbox, either a dedicated or shared remote server that runs torrents for you, usually they are rented in countries where filesharers aren't harassed. I can't recommend any specific one, there are many, some good, some bad. BitComet has been working on an anonymous download feature on our vip service, but it's still in beta testing and isn't really ready for widespread use (in my opinion), but it does have a lot of potential.

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