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Is VIP anon project still under development ?


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Not seeing much action , or beta feedback on it.

Like the idea of letting your servers speed up a download, and tunneling in. I have horrible line noise at home, and dont want to graze at the work link, but wouldn't mind using their link for private downloads.

Am willing to jump in if dev going forward.

Just downloaded and installed the comet, and will play with it for a bit.

Thanks for the good port and security info you have posted, better than almost all the VPN sales pitches...

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VIP is still in development but we don't have any specific timeframe of when it will come out of beta testing phase. We did have some agressive testing involving our staff and members, but at this point we'll need to wait until some of the more serious issues are resolved before we look for more issues for the development team to work on. We all have our "day jobs" that have to come first, but hopefully this system will someday meet all our expectations.

ps. admittedly vip has gotten off to a rocky start, but other services that bitcomet offers such as LTseed have been extremely successful, the main issue with vip is that it requires a global array of servers that cost money each month, so fees had to be introduced to use it. When it comes out of beta, it will require a huge investment to get it running stable for all users worldwide and hopefully it will support it self in time. We all have high hopes for it's success.

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Ok, thanks.

This would be a sweet setup for the cloud, no phys servers.

We were looking for a business model for the Seasteading community. We were setting up on the high seas, so there wouldn't be any national boundaries. The model was to launch a satellite cloud, and be a worldwide ISP.

Maybe you could approach some Indian satellite providers for a partnership. They want a global reach, and this could do it.

This service would be a perfect match for it.

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