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BitComet open an extra blank tab on startup


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First, I searched for similar topics but not found.

I'm a new user of BitComet. I noticed that the browser opens two blank tabs (one extra), or the home (initial) page and a blank tab, as setagem configuration. After installation, I installed some plugins, but I think they do not interfere with it, because I started with no extensions (safe mode) and keeps happening. Have reinstalled, and the flap over the remains there. Please, does it have any way to make it disappear? Seems not to be important, but it bothers.. Thanks for now.

To better understand:

Browser Settings = Open inital page => opens inital page and extra blank tab

Browser Settings = Open blank page => opens blank page and extra blank tab


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As far as I know bitcomet only opens a web page once on initial install and that is optional during install. Some mistake it for an advertisement, but it's really not, the only websites I've seen it open are for free online games produced by the bitcomet team and it's only an invitation to play them, similar to windows operating system recommending you install their free browser or media player, or google email recommending you install the free google talk or google drive.

Once installation is complete, it never opens web pages.

ps. perhaps I'm not understanding your problem, as I do admit I find your post difficult to follow.

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