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Is HTTPS supported?


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Using Win 7

Google Chrome latest beta build 26.0.1410.19

Chrome extension Downloaders (https://chrome.googl...cjdpgjaiojdjhoj)

Chrome extension HTTPSEverywhere


HTTPSEverywhere will try to use HTTPS if possible, so going to a site like http://KAT.PH will automatically change it to use HTTPS://kat.ph as the URL.

Now trying to use the Right-Click "Download this link with BitComet" (this is a context menu addition from Downloaders), always fails with the BitComet error "Torrent file download failed".

Even taking HTTPSEverywhere out of the equation and manually specifying HTTPS:\\kat.ph as my URL gets the same results so it is not HTTPS Everywhere per se.

So .. is HTTPS supported? Or is it something that should be working and I somehow haven't figured out how to make it work?

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Bitcomet does not support google chrome, so you'd have to ask the people who make this 3rd party extension to use bitcomet. If they developed it, they should know how it interacts with bitcomet, I myself have never heard of it.

Also, it sounds like your trying to download the torrent file, not open the torrent task. The torrent file is very small so it seems like the easiest solution would be to download the torrent in your browser then open it in bitcomet either by executing the file (if bitcomet is default torrent client), or opening it from bitcomet.

ps. it's the browsers job to handle the secure connection using https, it then hands the task over to bitcomet to download. If there is a problem with https, we'd need to be able to reproduce the error using a supported browser, then we could pass any confirmed bugs to development, but I suspect this is a problem with the third party extension you're using.

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Thanks for the reply. By "BitComet does not support Google Chrome" I guess you mean that there is no native integration.

To be clear, the extension Downloaders enables the autoopening of the torrent file as a task right in BitComet. That avoids the steps you mention (download .torrent file then execute it) which is what I am hoping to avoid.

When I get some free time, I will try downloading Firefox and verify that its native integration with HTTPS based sites works since I am assuming by your reply that there is nothing inherently problematic with HTTPS torrent sites when using Firefox. I will also send a note to the good folks that made Downloaders and see if they can provide any insight.

Thanks again.

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I was all set to say this was entirely a BitComet problem. i zm still not sure whether or not it is.

Using only BitComet I can paste this URL into the "Open URL" dialog and get success but making it HTTPS spawns an error.


However, when I use the https version and paste it into the "Open" dialog (which seems meant to open local filesystem torrent files, it seem to work by first downloading it (or having IE download it, since the downloaded .torrent file ends up in the .Internet Explorer cache) and then executing it to create the torrent download task.

I am not sure what all this is telling me (except to avoid using HTTPS when using torrent sites and Chrome).

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