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Perfiles de velocidad

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Hola a todos! el motivo del hilo es realizar una sugerencia al equipo o encargados del BitComet. A si que movedlo a donde proceda si es razonable la sugerencia.

Estos dias he estado jugando con la velocidad de bajada del programa. Yo tengo el Trio de Movistar, así que a veces no tengo el Deco encendido, con lo cual tengo mas banda para bajar y aprovecho para darle amplio margen al Bitcomet para utilizar el max de la banda, si tengo que navegar tambíen le doy menos......es cuando he echado de menos unos "perfiles" de velocidad en la barra de herramientas que permitiesen un cambio más rápido de paramentros.

Si veis razonable la sugerencia pues eso pasarsela al programador B)


Hello to all! The reason for this thread is to make a suggestion to the BitComet Team/Developers. If you find the suggestion reasonable, please move it wherever it's best suited.

These days, I've been playing around with the program's download speed. I have Movistar's "Trio" plan [Phone, ADSL and TV], so sometimes I don't have the decoder turned on, which provides me with more bandwidth to download with and I take advantage of this, to give BitComet ample margin to use the maximum amount of bandwidth, If I have to surf, I also give it less... it's at this time that I miss having some speed "profiles" in the tool bar, that would permit a faster change of parameters.

If you consider this suggestion as being reasonable, please pass it along to the programmers. B)


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