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Uploading more than downloading


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With bittorrent protocol you have to give in order to get. The peers you connect to aren't going to e interested in sending you data if they don't get data from you.

Regarding your claim to be uploading more then download, this isn't supported by your screenshot that clearly shows your share ratio is well below 1.0 on all but 2 of your torrents, if you were uploading more then downloading they would be over 1.0, and by the way, you should keep the torrent running (seeding) until each reaches 1.0 or higher, if users don't do this, the whole system will collapse. A torrent is much like a large shared bank account with many users who all deposit and withdraw, if many users take more then they give, it will collapse. I usually encourage users to run the torrents until a share ratio of 2.0 or higher, as a way to thank those who took the time to share the files and to make sure they are available to others.

Also, if you want to increase your performance you should look at our settings guide. If you test your max upload speed and set your limit to about 80% of your max, it will allow for faster communications and result in faster downloads.

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