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Bitcomet stopped working. HELP PLS!!!

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Ok so i was downloading normaly yesterday my ports were open and everything was fine but today the green light in the right bottom turned grey and its displaying that port detection failed!

i cant download anything.

i tried to portforward still the same..

also im having a wierd problem when i go to bitcomet.com when im on my wireless network this appear "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" i dont know what to do.

BUT! i tried tethring internet from my phone with my 3G and not wireless network everything works fine...

so basicly the problem is from my wireless network and also all computers connected have the same issue with all torrent clients. HELP PLS!


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I can't seem to find the information on your router and internet connection, perhaps you missed the topic with instructions on requesting support. It's linked in my signature and all over the forum, but if you have a suggestion where we could have put another link so you would have seen it, please do enlighten us and I'll consider it.

Once we have your basic info we can hopefully figure out what has gone wrong, but just so you understand, a "grey" light only means unknown (untested), red means either your port is probably blocked, and only the green light is a conclusive test that confirms your port is open.

Without knowing what kind of wireless network you have there is nothing we can do and your statement about it working on your 3g network is odd because you generally will never get an open port on any mobile broadband service.

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