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VIP acceleration problems


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Just signed up for the 100GB VIP package...right away 36 GB were deducted from my 100GB without my having even used any VIP. Then when I did try to use VIP acceleration, it never worked past the preparing stage. What must I do. I cannot even cancel a particular VIP download...the program will not let me do so.

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We can't help you troubleshoot your problem without more information so please read the link in my signature.

As for vip, it's a "work in progress" and does have some issues, but I'll try to explain briefly. When you enable vip on a task, the bandwidth is deducted from your account but can be cancelled while in the queuing stage (recent bitcomet version is required and since we don't know your version, I can't really guess how far your task progressed). After it progresses past queuing to preparing, if it doesn't work you can cancel after 24hrs and have the bandwidth returned.

Also, before I type so much info that my fingers are sore to explain the issues and problems, and the costs involved in developing and running this service and the reason for the fees, and the fact that anyone unhappy can get a refund, let me suggest you read in the forum as I've posted the same info dozens, if not hundreds of times.

I'll also clarify that this forum is run by bitcomet users who volunteer their time to help you, it's not a place to complain, but we do have a rep from development here who can help with account problems if needed, but otherwise this is a place to come ask friendly people to for help, and you'll find our staff and members can be quite accommodating, so as soon as you can review the rules for requesting support we can better help you. I also recommend exploring the reasons you felt you needed vip, we may be able to help your performance without it if your reason was only to increase your speed.

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