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upload recently started going a bit crazy.

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Hello all, I am experiencing the following issue on bitcomet. When I start any torrent download, my upload speed (shown at top bar of bc) goes crazy. If I do not limit my upload speed it will reach it's maximum (around 100kbps) and the download speed gets eaten up completely. I know this can be normal but the upload speed is not coming from my active torrents, which show 0kbps. (I apologise for the format here, but enter button is not working here for me) . And when I stop all torrents completely, the upload speed at the top of bitcomet remains as high as it can go, even with no active torrents. perhaps this has already been covered, and you could link me to the thread? THANKS!!

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Update, the upload speed does actually go down to zero eventually, when all torrents are stopped. Further update, it stopped doing it right now, typically. But it does happen how I described, honestly. So it is fair to say that this minor issue is by no means urgent, so don't put your life on hold for this one, lol.

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This is a function of Long-Term seeding, it will upload only when your upload bandwidth isn't being used. You can limit how much LTseed can use or disable it completely, but it has enormous advantages in some cases and can not only speed up your downloads but also complete tasks that aren't seeded in some cases and revive dead or dying torrents, so it's very swarm-friendly.

I suggest you do some reading at wiki.bitcomet.com so you better understand this feature.

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