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My port suddenly got blocked and now Bitcomet won't even start

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So yeah my Bitcomet worked just fine until yesterday. I have windows 8 and I've port forwarded Bitcomet already and had green light and great speed. Now after I updated Windows 8 my port suddenly turned yellow and blocked, and after I got the newest version of Bitcomet (1.35) it won't even start anymore, now it just freezes every time I start it.

Someone know how I can fix this?

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The port problem could be that your lan IP address has changed, check your router settings and make sure your portforward rule matches the IP listed when you run the IPconfig command.

The fact that bitcomet won't start after you updated seems unrelated, I'd recommend removing bitcomet and reinstall. You can also (optionally) delete the bitcomet folder from your %appdata% folder before you install, but this will remove all active tasks and reset all settings to default.

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