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double click to close tabs feature does not work

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This feature was causing problems for many users so has been disabled by default but you can turn it back on in the "about:config" menu under


Set value to "true"

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You can download old releases here

I'm not really sure which version do/don't support this feature since I've always disabled it. The problem it was causing is if you have a browser extension like adobe flash that often becomes unresponsive users will click on another tab and if it doesn't switch tabs immediately they often click a second time, then when the extension starts responding again the tabs suddenly close. It can be very annoying (understatement) and we got many complaints.

Also, it appears that cometbird development has stalled. We believe this is because Mozilla began issuing major version numbers for each minor update which forced developers of all extensions and complementary work to redo all their efforts each time and considering cometbird is freeware and the developers donate their time to create it, it became impossible to keep up. With each proverbial "stroke of the pen" from mozilla, all their work was rendered obsolete. We do hope the developers find time to resume development as Cometbird was a great project, but we understand that our "day jobs" have to come first, volunteer work gets done when we have the time.

I can tell you that Version 3.6.10 of cometbird supports this option, other versions you'll have to test and see.

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