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I leave my computer on all night because I need to use it fast in the a.m. and can't wait for it to boot up (It takes 5 min.) so I leave it on.

This morning I was greeted by a message:

"Bit Comet is done downloading, do you want to start the program?" Of course I said no. I opened up Bit Comet but there wasn't any program there. Then I run a virus check because my virus warning kept popping up and there was a virus in a game called some type of solitaire that I did not download. It's quarantined.

So how can I prevent someone doing this again? Is there a way to turn Bitcomet off when not using it?

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Bitcomet is not the cause of this problem, it only downloads what you tell it to. If you've downloaded malware it's the source of the download that is at fault.

If your computer is downloading without your knowledge you might have some type of infection or your system could have been compromised.

You can simply close bitcomet by clicking "file" then "exit"

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