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Just Installed BC stops responding on start-up then closes.

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So here's my story. I recently took my computer into best buy (geek squad) to have it fixed. Utorrent was installed at the time as well as a few games I had pirated. They seemed to remove Utorrent, I thought "oh no big deal I'll just re-install." Well when I went to install Utorrent again the installer would stop responding after a reached a certain part in the installer. The same goes for bittorrent. So I decided to get Bitcomet thinking its always worked in the past. Though I was able to install BC. Only to find out it stops responding upon starting up the program. I've disabled my firewall anti-virus and everything else I can think of without effect. I have no idea whats going on as I have also looked through the registry thinking they might have changed something (Im am no where near being an expert) but I came up with nothing. PLEASE HELP, I can't find a solution any where and no one else seems to have this problem.

Thanks for you time!

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sounds like they caused a few new ones. I won't try to guess what the original problem was, but if you cannot even install something as simple as a bittorrent client, then you have a serious problem. I'd return and ask them to fix it or give you a refund.

In most cases after someone was trying to fix a problem like this and failed, it's best to just reformat and reinstall windows. You can probably find a hungry geek at your local college or technical school that is willing to do the work for you. I'd say $50 should feed a hungry geek for a week or so and get you a fully working computer, or you can get a windows setup disc and tackle the job yourself.

ps. I'd try to contact one of the professors and ask for a referral to a student who is qualified. You'd probably get much better service than geeksquad offers and you'd be helping a struggling student at the same time.

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