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Yellow light stating my listening port is blocked, 3 days now trying guides + YouTube + Ect.. (HELP ME - I have given up)

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Dear Sir/Miss,

I have always used bitcomet to download torrents for a very, very long time, as I feel comfortable with it - I just guess its what to you accustomed to. However, following this recent problem with it (an amber light at the bottom left 'listening port' that was green a while back), which as now turned yellow (saying listening port blocked), which as slowed my download speeds considerably from MBps => kBps, and now 3 days in, doing the instructions shown on their website, I am unable to fix the dam thing and I have given up as I am ready to pull my hair out Arrrrgghhhh

I'm with Virgin (on the 60MB package or is it 60GB??) so downloads should be very, very fast! I have done a speed check shown below.

As forum requested, please see the answers to your standard questions:

1) What version of BitComet are you using?

Ans: 1.35 - http://i.imgur.com/X43HIE8.jpg

2) What type of Internet connection do you have (ADSL, etc.)?

Ans: I'm connected direct from a Virgin Super Hub via the Ethernet lead.

3) Do you have a modem? Do you use a router? What make and model are each one of them? Have you forwarded your port?

Ans: It's a Virgin Super Hub (VMDG480) - (is that a router too?) this is the only internet providing device. NETGEAR and CG101D. No I don’t think I have Forwarded my port.

4) If you have more than one router, be sure to mention the make and model of both devices, how are they connected (i.e. in which connector of both devices is the network cable plugged) and which one of the devices is connected to or is the modem. Also, if you have more than one computer make sure to mention in this case, to which router is every one of them connected.

Ans: (See ans:4). Mine is a network Ethernet cable plugged in to my mini-tower computer connects directly from the Super Hub as it is not wireless PC info - http://i.imgur.com/BzY9gwL.jpg the application in the home is mum's ipad that is wireless (using Wi-Fi or whatever) to get a signal, but that's hardly ever used.

5) What version of Windows, Firewall and Antivirus do you use?

Ans: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit, Windows Firewall (has been ticked to allow bitcomet) and BitDefender Total Security 2013 (has been ticked to allow bitcomet) - Does Windows Defender have any association with the problem?

6) If you are asking about a specific torrent or file that you have downloaded, make sure that you include the complete torrent name, as well as the complete names of the files and their respective extensions/formats (e.g.: .rar, .wma, .bin, .cue, etc.).

Ans: Any torrent, but if I’m on the net and download without BitComet then it downloads in Mbps - so strange.

7) For speed-related issues, please run various speed tests at a site such as speedtest.net (make sure that no other computer is using your Internet connection and that all other programs - including BitComet - are closed, during the tests). Include the results, along with the settings that you are presently using, in your post, so that we may review and offer suggestions to improve its performance.

Ans: (used http://www.thinkbroa.../speedtest.html) Please view attached picture for speed info - http://i.imgur.com/xARjsLK.jpg

I have no problem if someone is willing to do the Remote Desktop Connection, with me so sort the matter out.

I hope that this is enough for your specialists to help me out.

Kind regards, Jonathan




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Was anything changed when this problem surfaced?

If you restarted your PC one day and were blocked, it's most likely a result of your computer being assigned a different IP address by your router so any setting in your router to open the port done by you or automatically would no longer apply. If you manually opened the port in your router before this happened, it would only be a matter of logging into your router and changing the IP address to match your new local (LAN) IP. If it was being done automatically by your router, then it would be harder to tell what went wrong, but you can try changing your listening port, I'd use any port in the 40,000 to 60,000 range, then turn off and unplug all your hardware for about two minutes and restart everything. If you're really lucky this might work, but if it doesn't try to "right click" on the yellow light and select "check again" Sometimes the router can be slow to open the port and the test will fail the first time.

If this doesn't work you'll need to setup portforwarding in your router.

The best place to begin would be here

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