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how to seed


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Look at the tasks share ratio column. If you don't see that column you can "right click" on the header and select which columns you want displayed. A share ratio of 1.0 means you've uploaded as much as you downloaded. In order for bittorrent protocol to work we need an average greater than 1.0, so I'd consider 1.1 as a minimum, but if you like something you should seed it longer to help the torrent stay alive. Some users will always abandon other users, either from ignorance or greed, so some of us must make up the difference or all torrents will die.

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What do you do if when your download is done, and the orange arrow is up, there is still 0% upload and no peers to seed to?? I worry about security of leaving connections open never ending. My share ratio is doing nothing. :-( I am new to this and trying to do it right.

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Sometimes if a task is not popular there may be no peers available for you to seed to, just keep the task running and as peers arrive you will begin seeding. It's also important to have an open listening port in order to be quickly connected to new peers.

Having open connections to other bittorrent clients is not a problem, it's a very specific connection and if you're seeding the only data that comes is is requests, when downloading any data that comes in are specific pieces that must pass hash check or will be discarded. If any of these pieces change at all, the check will fail and the data discarded, this way it's impossible for anything harmful to be sent by a connected peer, in fact the only way anything harmful can be received from a peer is if it was included by the torrent's author, but malicious torrents are usually removed quickly and can be spotted by reviewing the comments on the torrent site but if you are downloading apps or software it's common to see false warnings from users who don't understand that things like serial or key generators, patches, registry edits, or other such method of activating software will detect by anti virus scans. If your download is scanned and you receive a threat detection. If the file is labeled as a keygen and the threat description lists it as a hack tool used to bypass activation, then this is not something you'd want to report.

In the 21st century internet a seeding bittorrent task would be the least of my concerns threat wise.

Also, if you have LTseed enabled your tasks (including stopped tasks) can be shared if both of the following conditions are met.

Demand for the file/s and available upload bandwidth not needed for bittorrent tasks.

In this case the files will be shared with other bitcomet peers which can revive dead or dying torrents so the data can be passed onto the entire swarm. It's always important to seed your task using bittorrent seeding, but LTseed is a valuable service to use beyond that and will keep the files available until you remove the tasks from bitcomet.

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