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Starting a torrent shuts down my modem/internet

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When I first click on a magnet link and bit comet opens, it connects, sort of starts the download and then totally shuts down my net/modem. The modem restarts and connects and then there are no problems.

Why is BitComet doing this to my internet connection and modem? This has me stumped. I have the 64bit client and V1.35 stable release. Once it gets going after that first shut down of my whole internet it is all great, but this is getting annoying to wait for the modem to restart and connect etc.

Thanks in advance.

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This usually indicates an inability of your hardware to handle the number of connections required to efficiently use p2p file sharing. When you start a torrent from a magnet link it requires a large number of connections just to be able to download the torrent file and start the task. You can look into firmware updates for your router and/or modem to address this, or replace the devices with equipment better able to handle this type of use, or you can simply try downloading the torrent file and opening it instead of using the magnet link, this will greatly reduce the initial number of connections needed and may allow you to function within the abilities of your hardware.

If you find your hardware is resetting like this during the normal download process there are some settings changes that can be made to ease the workload on your hardware, however they can also reduce your performance.

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Thanks Guardian, I will open a normal torrent link next time see if that is the case and that all makes sense to me. Won't go down the firmware update for modem/router yet and may look into another modem/router as it has been dropping the net at times.

Anyway, thanks for the answer I appreciate it.

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