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Hello! Can someone suggest a proxy server to use w/ BitComet?

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ISPs can't monitor bitcomet, and they don't normally monitor torrents, this is done by 3rd parties who send complaints to ISPs. There are some ways to avoid this, most involve using a remote computer in another country to connect through. Bitcomet doesn't recommend any specific service provider but we are beta testing the VIP service that has an anonymous option. It's had a rough beginning with some serious bugs but it looks like the issues are beginning to get resolved and you're welcome to try it if you want. If you have a score of 40,000 or more in your cometID you can get a free trial, otherwise there are a couple plans available metered on usage. The proceeds from sales are used to pay the costs of running the service and development costs so my personal opinion is only to purchase one if you'd like to support the bitcomet team, if you're expecting the service to work 100%, then I'd wait until it comes out of beta testing. You can try it by clicking on the vip icon in bitcomet or by going to vip.bitcomet.com

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Under ideal circumstances you should get pretty fast speeds with vip even with anonymous enabled, but the system is far from perfect so it could be related to a number of other users keeping the servers busy and a lack fo other vip users on that torrent. It could also be related to availability of the data, so it's hard to be certain.

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