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question about reinstalling and deleted files.

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I haven't used BitComet for a few months. I decided to use it today 6/11, but I got the error where it tells me to send an error report. I kept trying to open up BitComet and the error still pops up. I restarted my laptop, still did the same thing. So I'm thinking I need to uninstall BitComet then reinstall. My question is, will all my music files I downloaded from it be deleted once I uninstall?

I know in the past I renamed some of the music files on my desktop and when I tried to play the songs on iTunes it said file could not be found even though the file was still there. So even if I uninstall BitComet and the files remain on my laptop, will the songs still play when I redownload it? Or will I have to find over 14,000 songs (how many songs I downloaded) to download again?

I have 1.32 version, I think.

I don't know what kind of internet connection I have. I'm using wifi at home.

My internet or modem or router aren't the problem.

I have Windows 7. Firewall allows access of BitComet in the past. Have Norton antivirus. 32 bit.

Hopefully I can get some help.

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Removing and/or reinstalling bitcomet won't effect any of the files you downloaded. Renaming files you downloaded won't be a problem either, but as long as the task is still listed in bitcomet, and you should keep the task active until your share ratio is above 1.0, but afterwards you can rename the files.

I suspect the problem with your media player was that you added them to a liberary or playlist then when you renamed the files they would need to be added again. It's usually best to keep the file names as they often contain important info about the content of the file.

Regarding the error you're getting, I'm not sure what's causing it, could be a problem with an active task or something else corrupt. If reinstalling doesn't help we can help you get that sorted out.

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