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BitComet crash report EVERYTIME (only firefox and Magnet NO crash)

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This is a very strange problem that I haven't been able to find using the Googles.

Everytime I open a MAGNET file using FIREFOX 64bit Nightly and BitComet 1.35 64Bit. I get the CRASH REPORT (bitcomet has encountered a problem....) Send Report Don't send report RESTART.

Here is where things get very strange. Bitcomet never CLOSES and doesn't need restarting. In addititon the Magnet file downloads perfectly.

If you use IE, Chrome, or Opera NO crash report. If you download a torrent in Firefox No crash report.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled bitcommet with not change in behavior. I have tried switch clients but I have to admit Bitcommet kicked the other torrent's a**. I get 300kps on Bitcommet and was getting 5 kps on uTorrent.

I have sent this error report hundreds of times but no just click DON'T send.

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Is there anything thing I can do to uninstall and reinstall this in a way that might reduce the likelihood of the problem being carried over.... This wasn't a problem in the beggining. However, BitCommiet is FAST and I would hate to loose all the setting that give me better speed than uTorrent.

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