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Sorry for any problems you may be having with VIP, hopefully the error will soon be corrected.

Please also understand that VIP service is still in beta testing and errors are to be expected. I understand that when you pay for something you normally expect it to be perfect, but please consider that the fees charges for the service are designated to pay the cost of running the vip servers and development costs. It will probably be some time before this service is deemed a stable release and even further off from when it becomes profitable (if ever), but nonetheless, if you're unhappy with the purchase BitComet will be glad to offer a refund. In the meantime I suggest you keep trying and hopefully it will work for you then you can evaluate it properly. If you're happy with the service I would consider your payment more of a donation than a purchase, but if you are unhappy, the fees will be cheerfully refunded.

ps. If you want further help using Bitcomet with, or without vip, please read the topic linked in my signature and provide the required info so we can help you better.

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