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Clarificaton on Seeding


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Hi All, I have limited knowledge on Torrent client and wish to clarify. Have read a couple of the topics in forum. I have a laptop with limited storage space so need to move items off the computer on a regular basis. Have downloaded 5 torrents so far and am currently uploading 2 torrents at a time to efficiently increase the share ratio, once they reach a share ratio of 1.0 I will remove them from the computer. Is this acceptable decorum? Will I be penalised for removing an item from BitComet? Also the system malfunctioned the day after I loaded BitComet and all the history and torrent files disappeared from BitComet, I had 2 torrents completed and 3 unfinished in the download folder, I transferred the completed files off the computer and deleted the unfinished ones, and reloaded BitComet with all 5 torrents again, but that means I have still downloaded more than I have given back, is this an issue?

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You could have continued the partial downloads just by leaving them in the folder and restarting the torrent. The partial downloaded files would be rehashed and downloads would continue.

It's fine to remove the torrent once your share ratio is above 1.0, although it's best to go a little higher.

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