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I can't restart a nearly finished 20 gb task, BitComet won't check the previously downloaded files

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I started a 19.4 gb partial download, of a 27.4 gb file of the complete Tom and Jerry cartoons, I will call it TNJ from now on. I had it nearly completed a few days ago, and for some reason, I removed it from the download pane, although I did keep the files in a separate folder within Q Drive. I was not downloading the complete 168 TNJ episodes, I had abbreviated the files list at 114 of them. They show in the destination folder as BitComet unfinished download files..

Before now, if I have moved a task back into the download pane, and I begin the task again, BitComet would note that the task was already in the list, and then would begin a check of the files prior to restarting. It is not doing that with this oversized task, though. When I start the task again now, it begins the task as an entirely new task at 0 kb, it does not recognize the old job, even though the path to my download destination folder is clearly marked, the TNJ task is in there & is visible, and yes, the destination folder IS my default download folder, in my Q Drive.

How can I make BitComet recognize the previous downloaded TNJ files and pick up the loose ends to begin at the previous stopping point?

See my other topic to explain why.

Thank you.

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Try stopping the task and doing a manual rehash of the files. If the partial downloads are in the correct location they will be (re) checked and you can continue the download from your previous level of completion.

If it checks the files and doesn't recognize the previous downloaded data, make sure you have the exact same torrent, not a similar torrent with similar content. It has to be the very same torrent. You can also check if you have two copies of the partial downloaded files, this usually happens when the save location is slightly different in which case it will not see the files and make new ones.

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