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Making Connections on start-up

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As soon a bitcomet opens peerblock starts blocking outgoing connections to all over the world. Mostly asian places by the connection names. This continues for a few minutes before stopping. Approx 300 connections are attempted.

If I exit BC and reopen, it starts again. It also does this as soon as I start a new torrent. Is this normal or should I be worried?

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I suggest you make an allow list to include the IP addresses listed in this article...


bitcomet uses these addresses to help you search for mirror locations of the files you're downloading. Many of these addresses have been put on block lists by people who don't understand this.

This may account for some or all of your blocks. It's also possible that you have installed block lists that contain addresses that aren't a threat, usually if you stick to just the p2p lists you should be ok, blocking things like educational organizations will prevent connections to millions of students on university connections. If you still have questions about specific IP addresses, you can look each of them up and learn what they are.

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