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Crash on clicking tasks


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hey there.

as the title says, after running bitcomet and clicking on a task i get a crash. Rarely it holds on for ten or so clicks.

Clicking on tools/options does not trigger the behavior

version of bitcomet

x86 and x64 (both crash)




yes,yes, innbox modem and wrt160nl on dd-wrt, conected with an ethernet cable, router-pc is wireless

probably irrelevant, all tasks are stopped

windows 7 home premium x64, avast!antivirus, none

not a specific torrent, but takes less clicks if clicking in larger (17GB) torrents. no difference if the task has been completed or not even started.

As to when it started... probably after a windows update, only other newly installed thing is java RE and JDK


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You can try disabling the java, or remove it from starting with windows unless you use it everyday. Also with fiber optic and running many tasks you may be getting data faster than your disc can write it, this causes an unstable environment. Try increasing the size of your disc cash, see if that helps.

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Thank you for the reply

I might have not stated this clearly enough: it also crashes when clicking on tasks while there is no task active (0 transfer rate). In my case, the bottle neck is the WiFi connection, not the HDD.

Changing cache size values doesn't help. (before: defaut values, now 15-100MB allocated)

To have java run at startup? That makes no sense, I never made it do so (nor does it do that by itself). Even if it was running, why would java force a crash?

After more trial, it seems that only completed tasks crash

Actually only 2 of them, but I cannot remember what they are, since they are both old and have a generic name, also the corresponding files have been deleted already.

A wild guess, the only way to remove tasks that crash is by deleting "Download list" altogether?

As a note, these 2 tasks didn't crash while still active, nor for a while after they completed.

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All Java software starts and runs when windows starts. It's very annoying when you install it to use it rarely. You can remove it from the startup list in the msconfig utility or any app designed to modify your startup list, and I suspected it because you mentioned it was one of the things you changed when this problem came about.

However, there may be another cause here. You should remove a task when you delete the files you downloaded. Even if a task is stopped it's still quarrying the files so they are ready for upload if you have LTseed enabled. It's possible that there is some conflict going on when with the tasks. I'd also scan your drives for errors, a file system or harddrive error could cause such a problem.

Another test you can do is rename your "downloads.xml" file to some other name (after shutting down bitcomet), then when you restart bitcomet will create a new downloads.xml with no tasks. This will in effect delete them all, but all you'd have to do to restore your old tasks is restore the name of the original downloads.xml file.

The location of this file will vary by windows version and user account settings, but on your system it will probably be located at

c:>users>(your name)>AppData>Roaming>Bitcomet>

Or you can go directly to the AppData folder by typing %appdata% in the address bar of a folder.

If you have the torrents for all your important tasks handy you can reload them and after a hash check your downloads will continue, it may take some time but it may be the easiest way to fix the problem. You can manually remove tasks from the .xml file, but there is no margin for error and it would be very easy to corrupt the file if you don't do it properly so I won't recommend it.

ps. Most modern wifi "n" connections have a max speed of 450mb/s and even wifi "g" has a max speed of 54mb/s. These are slower than the speed of most harddrive but you have to remember that the harddrive is doing much more than just transferring files and unless you have a Solid State Drive, you're going to get disc overloads with any download that even approaches 50mb/s, in most cases 10mb/s will cause disc overload. In my opinion the default disc cache is no where near large enough to handle an extreme users needs, in fact the main reason BitComet developed the 64bit version is because we had users causing crashes by using disc cache larger than a 32bit app can support. I'm not saying you need to dedicate a gb or more of ram to your disc cache, or that it would be wise for the average user to do so, but some people do, but if you do have a very fast fiber connection, then you're probably stressing your harddrives to keep up and I don't think 15-100mb is anywhere near enough to compensate for high peek downloads. I'd probably try at least 100-500mb assuming you can spare the ram. Keep in mind the default settings were in place back when 1mb/s was a fast connection, today many fiber connections are 50mb/s and up.

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