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Hi everyone I was hoping someone might be able to help me with an issue that's had me baffled. iv been using bitcomet for about five years now and I swear by it to everyone... iv never had a problem ,then all of a sudden it has started to crash just after the toolbars start to load ,being replaced by a box asking if I want to send off a report, I feel like iv tried everything ....it happened 8 days ago so any file that has been downloaded in the last 10 days has been removed, iv tried uninstalling bitcomet then reinstalling it about 5 times now, iv tried a system recovery but couldn't go back further than 2 days, iv ran full antivirus scan with Norton 360 and a full spyware scan with super anti spyware...so I tried loading windows in safe mode then launching bitcomet and it worked fine which says to me that there's nothing wrong with bitcomet itself but some sort of background program stopping it that must start up with windows, only when I start task manager it says no other programs are running..my son has been playing and downloading games and i'm sure that's the problem so they been removed...its got so bad not being able to start up a download manager that I installed a different one but that crashed while launching too so it not just bitcomet but any download manager ...like I said im stumped Iv realised my laptops useless without bitcomet.....im using the latest 1.36 version and usually use internet explore conneted by a bt homehub ....John

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If it was just bitcomet I'd say you may have a corrupt task list, but it sounds like you have a windows problem. You can try renaming your downloads.xml file to a different name, all your tasks will disappear and if bitcomet runs normally you'll know the list was corrupt.

Bitcomet must be shut down fully to rename the file and when you restart it a new (blank) downloads.xml will be created. You can restore the old list by simply changing the name back.

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