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pop up passport_info_it.mht + passport_login_it.mht


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When I open the program two different pop ups from the internet browser are displayed immediately: "passport_info_it.mht" and "passport_login_it.mht" .

Inside bitcomet there is no more the small window in the lower left corner named "please sign up" and the other info with the percentage of experience.

It is the first time i notice this problem.

Just to be sure I updated the program to the 1.36 64 bit version, but it continues to be the same.

What should I do now?


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I couldn't open the options submenu, so i disinstalled Internet Explorer, but the problem still remains.

I don't understand why every web information that was originally displayed in the lower windows of bitcomet now are downloaded separately and opened like normal http links.

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Bitcomet uses IE to display web content, this is necessary because IE is integrated with windows and the only other way to would require bitcomet to be bloated with the inclusion of a web browser and none of us want that.

However, I've not heard of problems with IE ver 10 not working with bitcomet. I don't use IE at all, so only have the original version that came with my windows installation, but if we get more reports of problems with IE ver 10 I'll pass it on to development.

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