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Hi, I'm now with 769 Ranking (was with 350 but... :D) I want to see Ranking Table to know how fast am going through other people. I can't find anywhere whole ranking. My number it's not so nice when I can't see who I am in front and behind.

Thank you for your answer! :)

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The bitcomet blogs was a good idea, but I don't believe they had the resources to moderate it properly and it became flooded with spam. Development was soon abandoned but it was kept operational at the request of some users. I believe it eventually died or was taken offline earlier this year.

I too had a page but had no access to remove spam and I was getting everything from passionate pleas to help get rid of the spam, to angry hatemail blaming me for not maintaining it. I soon lost interest in the site as did many others. It's a shame because it could have been great. Other similar sites don't have as much to offer. The once great myspace.com self-destructed, facebook offers virtually no control over customizing your page and keeps forcing changes on the users and other social sites like twitter offer virtually nothing at all that compares. I think the problem is that the company bitcomet partnered with didn't have much interest in the English website. Even if we reported p*** and the worst malicious spam, it was difficult to get removed.

I could be wrong about some of this because I haven't used it in years, but this is all I can offer and it's probably best it was finally closed.

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Also I want to ask you about - the blog profile pages of users. Last 3-4 years I was watching many super cool pages of users, but I can't find them now.

I had such page which could be edited to be cooler. I want to find it and develop it. Please help me to find it :)

i remember :)

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