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Disk cache: command to precache entire torrent


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Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum, but I use BitComet for some time now :)

I have 16GB RAM and when my computer is idle, a lot of it is just sitting around not doing anything, so I investigated a little into BitComet Disk cache option. It is great, because it allows you to control when should BitComet free up memory used by cache depending on how much physical memory system has available.

So i decided to give BitComet 4GB for disk cache, in order to lower disk reads, and (hopefully) prolong disk life. Since BitComet randomly accesses parts of torrents I am seeding, it takes a lot of time to preload whole torrent into RAM (>60mins). However I am seeding multiple torrents and I can imagine they are all over the HDD (downloaded at different times), and I think BitComet makes my HDD head move a lot (take a piece of torrent #1, take a piece of torrent #5 etc.).

I understand this is a problem with and without disk cache (with big enough cache and after long enough time it would lower disk reads, but still in the mean time it will move the head a lot). I am thinking of solving it this way:

To make long story short, it would be nice if I could just right click on torrent and select preload into disk cache. This feature would not change disk cache behavior at all, it will just make possible that, on user request, cache gets filled with whole torrent. Of course if cache can't be expanded it will cache how much it is possible and that would be end of command. Afterwards disk cache continues to work as intended (eg. loads new blocks and if necessary throws out cached blocks by whichever algorithm you use).



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Yes I have 64bit :)

I could also use SSD, but I constantly download torrents and don't want to put stress on my SSD, on the other hand I usually have aboud 100GB of torrents and SSD of 64GB...

I don't think this option would be usefull to a lot of users (probably just me :P). But I think it is fairly easy to implement and could be useful if you know how to use it.

I hope you will consider it.


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