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Completion of download takes very long

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Dear Lady/Sir,

Well, Enter/smilies doen't work at this site.

Well, many more and Space keeps going. Ctrl + V does.

Kindly I ask your attention. :D Windows 7 x64, Microsoft Essentïels, goes for Firewall too. 3) Do you have a modem? Do you use a router? What make and model are each one of them? Have you forwarded your port?

Experia Box KPN.NL, don't ask anything else. I don't know, I only have permission to use the internet. No, no settings about forwarded ports or listen/wisper/whatever ports. One router. Speedtest: Ping 34 ms/Upload 2.30 Mbps and Download 1.23 Mbps.

First, many thanks for the free software.

Sometimes BitComet tells me that the HDD is still busy or full.

Actually not possible that it's full, and bussy?

Downloads are shown as 99.9 procent at Information and in the list 100 procent, BitComet does very long over the end download, it shows very strange procentage and time counts.

It takes about a second or ten, or longer than a minute.

What the hack, sometimes it stops working too. Looks like the program can't handle something at Windows. BitComet Version: 1.36 x64. I reinstalled the software several times and no changes.

Well, I shouldn't ask for help at this site.

But, when you fixed it or have the solution, just let me known.

I'm using WiFi

Yeah, just one thing.

Could you be so kind and get together with other programmers and create one program that suites all to use?

Well, it's about the settings for Anti Virus software. I know that the Anti Virus software does it automatically, but when someone wants to use the option anyway, she/he needs to be a computer geniës to get it done.

Nonsens, your the programmer and we are the users.

So, could you be so kind and create a self search/recognize/options to choose between/install Anti Virus engine?

Many thanks in advance. :D

Hopefully I let you known enough, I'll be waiting for your reply. :D

Good luck and have fun doing it. :D

Best Regards,



Geachte dame/heer,

Gaarne verzoek ik uw aandacht.

Alles eerst, bedankt betreffende het gratis programma. :D

Bitcomet x64 v1.36 heeft errors.

Vaak is het dat er een popup verschijnt vanuit the System Tray met de vermelding:


Schijf is bezig, wacht even.

Dit kan snel gedaan zijn, ongeveer tussen de 1 en 10 sec. en langer dan een minuut.

Downloads worden als 99.9 proc. aangegeven bij samenvatting en in de lijst als 100 proc., daarbij doet Bitcomet heel lang over die laatste procent en de sec. telling doet dan raar.

Het programma heeft dus software matige issues. Het begon met de schijfmelding. Nu heb ik het programma moeten afsluiten en opstarten, om de downloads volledig te kunnen downloaden. Want na het opstarten, bleek dat een download bv. 92 proc. en de ander nog minder gedownload had. Dit terwijl ze beide voldaan zouden moeten zijn.

De internetverbinding is WiFi.

En het zou leuk zijn om een Anti Virus software te kunnen instellen bij instellingen.

Zou u zo vriendelijk willen zijn om het in het Help Menu te vermelden 'Hoe en wat'?

Uiteraard weet niet iedereen waar naar te zoeken. Momenteel heb ik Microsoft Essentiels geïnstalleerd. Ik zou niet weten waar naar te zoeken, dit bij andere programma's ook.

Het zou handiger zijn als men dan een zoekmachine zou inbouwen om zoiets te herkennen en eventueel door de gebruiker te laten bevestigen.

Maar als ik het mij goed herinner, dan wordt de download zo wie zo gescanned door het Anti Virus programma.

Zou u deze probleempjes willen oplossen?

Bij voorbaat dank voor uw genomen moeite. :D

Hopende u hierbij genoeg geïnformeerd te hebben, verblijf ik in afwachting van die update[-s].

Good luck and have fun doing it. :D

Met vriendelijke groet,


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I think I can help with the issues you're noticing. The disc busy error is common if your harddrive is having more reads/writes then it can handle. BitComet has a disc cache that can reduce these operations. In "options>advanced" you can adjust the maximum size of the disc cache. The default size is very small as to use less resources, increasing it will use more memory, but it will also reduce use of your harddrive so try increasing the maximum. I think the default settings were min 6mb and max 50mb. I've set mine to max of 1000mb, you probably don't need to go that high to stop the disc busy errors, but I'd use as much as you have available memory.

The strange percentage and times you see when the torrent is changing from 99% to 100% is the progress of your final hash check. This is checking that all files are complete. Depending on the size of your task and the state of your disc this could take some time. Once it completes the task should read as 100% and begin seeding. It's important to allow it to seed until your share ratio is above 1.0 so that others can download.

ps. Unfortunately we don't offer support in the dutch language at this time.

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