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What FIRE FOX version # is equal to YOUR version 11(eleven)? I read that CB is part of FIRE FOX's POWERED BY FIRE FOX program which allows certain developers to use THEIR proprietary code and a similar logo. Your browser seems to be an earlier version of FF. Maybe anything from 4 through 20? THEIR version #. Your browser is just as good as theirs. My OPERA browser became too slow to be usfull. Used CB to replace it. Good choice. I had no idea you were related to FF until I installed it. Answer please. reeltoreelguy@gmail.com

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I think most of us have done so, since so many major sites are starting to use features which were added to Firefox after the version CometBird uses (the Firefox version it's based on is about two years old at the date of this writing). It's a bit unfortunate, but que sera sera. They only have so much development time available, and they're a business, so a free browser which doesn't generate any income can't really rank highly (I can't recall any ways it tried to monetize me beyond the default home page anyhow).

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