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Yellow Listen Port Blocked (Used to work just fine)

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I used to use a motorola brand modem alongside an asus router and torrenting was fast and never had any issues. Now, recently I received a new modem/router combo from my ISP due to an upgrade of service. When the modem/router combo is connected to my PC directly and not through my Asus router, the listen port opens and torrents work just fine. The modem/router is only temporarily in my room of the house until we get a new coax cable running into the other room of the house where the folks want it to be (so they can watch netflix on the living room TV) and I'm primarily going to be using a wired connection from the modem/router combo to my asus router which will in turn supply an internet connection to all my devices in my room but for SOME reason, my listen port is being blocked now (when it wasn't before on my old modem) and it seems to be the asus router but I'm struggling to understand why because I've been using this same router for ages now with my old modem without any issues. Is it because it's two routers now instead of one? Any suggestions on what to do? I've tried forwarding the listen port BitComet uses on the Asus router UI, I've tried turning off firewalls on it, nothing seems to unblock the listen port. I've been at this for a few hours now with no luck. My last hope is you guys.

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There are important factors to consider when you have cascading routers. Usually you can disable one of the routers if it's not needed, otherwise they both will need to be properly forwarded. We prepared a section at wiki.bitcomet.com that discusses the dynamics of multiple routers. I suggest you read the entire article, but here is a link to the section specific to cascaded routers...


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