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Hi, sorry if this is explained elsewhere, I haven't found it. I recently updated to version 1.36 and the icons have changed slightly. Now I have a snapshot icon when I am downloading video - which is what I do predominately. However, even though I have not changed my source site or the choice of download ( I usually choose magnet link) sometimes I do not see the snapshot icon. Where I have in the past downloaded these files and tried to play them my computer shows them as a document rather than a video in my downloads folder and does not recognise the format.

This never happened before I updated and the only thing that comes to mind is that it is specifically 64 bit. Could it be that i changed from 32 bit and this is what has affected my choice of files?

I mostly download tv programs from eztv and have found them really reliable using the magnet link and BitComet. but now I have to search for a mirror link that isn't broken and it's all so much more hit and miss.

Is there something simple that I can do? I'm not very good with computerese.

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Thank you so much Unusual. You were there for me holding my hand as I made my first faltering steps in downloading and here you are brushing off my knees when I fall off my bike. Had a spot of bother getting 1.37 downloaded, but it all seems to be working now. Thanks again.

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