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Bitcomet kicks back to Desktop when a download finishes..

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Hi everyone,

I'm posting today because I'm experiencing a very annoying issue regarding my client. When bitcomet finishes downloading a file, and when i'm, for example, playing a game, it systematically kicks back to desktop.

I have no idea what can cause this issue, or even if others are experiencing it. Please help me!

Here are the necessary informations :

1) Bitcomet 1.37 (64-bit)

2) Adsl 8 mb.

3) Have a router.

5) Windows 7 64 bit, windows integrated firewall, and avast antivirus.

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If bitcomet notifications are disabled, then perhaps you have your antivirus setup to scan files as they complete and that is causing it?

Also, you weren't very clear so I'm assuming you are running a game in full screen mode and it's leaving full screen when a task finishes? is that what you meant by "kicks back to desktop"?

If it's not the notification or anti virus scan that's causing it then I'm unsure how you can tell that it happens when a task completes, couldn't it be your screensaver or other apps doing this?

I'd also look in your game settings, see if there is an option to prevent background apps from grabbing focus away from the game.

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Yes i'm playing fullscreen mode. When the download finishes, it is kicking back to desktop. I actually changed to Utorrent because of that problem but I found it so incomplete. Bitcomet really is the most intuitive, simple interfaced and powerful tool.

Anyway, I'll make some tests in order to determine exactly the whereabouts of this problem (i'll check stopping my antivirus etc...) and get back to you asap.


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